"The Company" is North Shore Dance Studio's Elite Performance & Competition Group. This company is specifically designed for exceptionally talented students. The Company is selected every May during our Company Auditions. We have cadette, sophomore, junior and senior levels for Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Hip Hop techniques. Our staff places each individual according to skill level and talent.

The Company attends several conventions and competitions in the Midwest throughout the dance season (September-July), as well as our annual winter Benefit Concert and end of the year Recitals. Over the past 15 years, "The Company", Student Performing Company has raised over $100,000 for various organizations around the country, including; The March of Dimes, The American Cancer Society, and The American Heart Association just to name a few.

All performances are required to be a part of the company. Transportation, food and lodging are each dancer’s responsibility. Carpooling is highly recommended.

If you will be a part of Jazz, Contemporary or Ballet companies, ballet class is required! If you are level IV & above you will have ballet class 2x/week. NO EXCEPTIONS. We also offer Pointe class for our level V and above dancers.

The class tuition is the same for company as a regular NSDS class.
It is based on hours/week. There is a $100 competition deposit.
Each dancer’s competition fees will vary according to how many dances he/she is in or if they are involved in a “special dance” ( i.e. solo, duo, trio). You will receive your company statement by November.

Our faculty selects students to participate in “special dances”.
There is a $15 fee/ half hour for these particular dances.

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  • Company Costumes $115/company
  • Special Costumes $100/special
  • Production Costume $100/production
  • Jazz & Tap companies are involved in the Production

A company warm-up jacket is required for all competitions and can be ordered at NSDS for $35. Accessories, such as jewelry and hairclips can be purchased at NSDS for $5-$10.

If your child is a member of the Company they are more than welcome to take additional classes we offer. Those costumes would be $75/class.


The Company 2016-2017


Company Members Competition Checklist
Rhinestone Earrings--Available at NSDS for $10
Tan Stirrup Tights--Body Wrappers Style #A32 in Jazzy Tan--Available at NSDS for $19
Ballet Tights--Capezio Style #1816 in Ballet Pink--Available at NSDS for $19
Black Tie Tap Shoes (Sr. Tap Company)
Tan Tap Shoes (River Deep)
Pink Canvas Ballet Slippers by Capezio, Bloch, or Sansha (Ballet Companies)
Tan Jazz Booties (Jazz Companies)
Nude Foot Undeez by Capezio Style #H07 (Contemporary Companies) Available at NSDS for $17
White Adidas Shell Toe Sneakers (Hip-Hop Companies) Available at Foot Locker

Click here for the Hair and Make-up Guide

Click here for the Hair and Make-up Brands Checklist


Make-Up Checklist
Tan Liquid Foundation
Tan Press Powder/Bronzer
Mauve Blush
Black Liquid Eye Liner
Mauve/Brown/Beige Eye Shadows
Black Thick False Eyelashes
Eyelash Glue and Toothpicks
Black Mascara
**With the exception of the lipstick, you may wear any brand of make-up as long as the color is correct. Stage make-up should be worn generously as to not look washed out up on stage.
No Hair, Body, or Face Glitter

Hair Checklist
Bobby Pins Galore
Hair nets to match your hair color (Ballet)
Hair Binders/ties/elastic to match your hair color
Extra Hold Hairspray
Hair Straightener
Hair should be parted on the right side approx. 3 inches back, pulled into a sleek, neat ponytail, with clips on both sides placed midway between your ears and ponytail. Sleek straight pony tails are MANDATORY!

Miscellaneous Items To Pack
Cotton Swabs/Balls
Nail Polish Remover
Small Stand Up make-up Mirror
Safety Pins
Extra tights in case of snags or runs
Clear Nail Polish in case of snags or runs Foot Spray


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