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Mrs. Martell

What an awesome idea! I continue to be impressed with the family type atmosphere the studio has. We were taking lessons elsewhere before and I always felt so disconnected and out of the loop since we were a new family. Not the case here!


Maddy Sparkles

The NSDS Novas will make you feel at home! I have been dancing at North Shore Dance Studio for 9 years. The teachers are all creative choreographers and great role models. I have grown so much from when I started. Having ballet teachers from the Milwaukee Ballet has improved my technique a ton. The dance studio is great and each studio has a spot for you to learn and grow. I have made so many friends and have been welcomed in to Company since the day I became a member, they are my family away from home. At NSDS, there are many opportunities to have fun, such as recitals, the Nutcracker, Company, and coming to class each week! I have learned to much and have become more confident in my technique and dancing from dancing at the studio. Thanks NSDS! Keep up the good work and go Novas!



This is why we go to North Shore Dance Studio: Because of your great follow up Katie, thank you!  I also recommend NSDS to friends because of you, your staff and the care that is taken with the kids. And the DADDY/DAUGHTER dances are a ton of fun too.


Nancy Wittchow

We are so grateful for the experience Haley has had at NSDS over the past 13 years. When we look back at her early years to now, she has grown so much as a dancer and consider the studio her "second home". Katie has created not only an environment for her to do what she loves, DANCE, but also a place that she can be with friends she calls family.The NSDS teaching staff has not only given her the technique she will need to pursue dance beyond the studio doors, but the strength and confidence as a dancer and person to be the best she can be.



When we moved to the Milwaukee area, we knew that we wanted to find a studio for our daughter where she would be challenged as a dancer and welcomed as part of a family. We could not be happier with North Shore Dance Studio. Not only has she made lifelong friends, but she has grown tremendously as a dancer, as a leader, and as a person, thanks to Katie and the other outstanding teachers.


Mother of Alanna

North shore dance studio has become a home away from home, for Alanna.  It is a place where she has learned to be poised, confident and graceful.  The studio is a place where Alanna can be herself, gain self-esteem which in turn,  has promoted a sureness in herself that carries over in all facets of her life.  Most important, the teachers at the studio are encouraging.  They provide a positive, nurturing and motivating learning environment with a family atmosphere for young dancers to develop talents, find their passions , grow individually and follow their dreams of dancing.  Not only does this studio teach the art of dance- but the talented, experienced and knowledgeable staff provide dance education and exposure to many genres of the art through multiple classes offered during the school year as well as summer.  I am grateful for the opportunities North Shore Dance Studio offers my daughter.  


Alex Morgan- Age 12

I have had such a great experience dancing here at North Shore Dance Studio. All of the instructors are so amazing, and I have had the pleasure to get to know them very well over the years. They have given me so many opportunities to learn and grow as a dancer. Opportunities such as the Company, the recital, and the Nutcracker. And along with all of this, I have especially had FUN. All of these men and women have such a fun personality, and I absolutely love them all. But it doesn't stop there. These teachers did more than just teach me how to dance. They built character. By teaching me how to be polite in class and respect them and the studio, I learned how important it was to demonstrate these same traits in and outside of dance class. There is no doubt in my mind that without the phenomenal instructors here at North Shore, I would not be the dancer or young lady that I am today.


Ed and Jennifer Straszewski

Our daughter, Anna, started at North Shore Dance Studio 8 years ago as a recreational dancer. We can still remember her first recital, a tap dance in a cute purple and white polka dot outfit! NSDS has a staff of expert instructors in all genres of dance. They are skilled in technique and choreography but most importantly their love of dance fills each class they teach and impacts every child they instruct. Anna continues to develop a level of discipline and respect that positively impacts her on the dance floor and in everyday life. She has developed friendships with many kids of all ages and from many different area schools. It is amazing to see how the kids bond together regardless of age or dance ability. It is a joy for us to watch her dance; she truly loves this sport, the studio and her friends. Anna is part of all of the dance companies today; ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap and hip hop. Her experience has been so positive that 3 years ago her brother, Tyler, began to dance at NSDS as a recreational dancer. Today, he is also a part of the dance company in jazz, contemporary and hip hop. NSDS is not only a dance studio; it is truly an extension of our family. We are grateful for the wonderful experience we have had over the past 8 years and look forward to the many years to come…..our kids have both found something they love and we are so excited to see how they develop as dancers!


Mikayla M, 14 years

North Shore has inspired me to always try my hardest and dance to the best of my ability. By knowing the faculty will always support me in all of my successes and mistakes I always want to challenge myself. North Shore provides me with those challenges, helping me grow as a dancer and expand my experiences. Because of NSDS, I have fallen in love with dance. North Shore has shown me how to dance from my heart and how to work hard. It has also taught me to show respect towards everyone. NSDS had provided me with a home and a family I love to be around. Thank you for always brightening my day and pushing me to the best of my ability. I feel so lucky to be able to dance at such an amazing studio, with such amazing people. I couldn't ask for a better place to further my dance education. Thank you is too small for everything you've given me!


Anna G. -Age 11

I love dancing at North Shore Dance Studio and this will be my ninth year dancing here and my fourth year in the NSDS Company. I love the studio and the teachers because they are so supportive and helpful, and want you to work to the best of your ability. The people there are so nice and I have made so many good friends through dance. I have improved a lot this past year with the help of the teachers at the studio. They give you enough time and attention so you can do your best. All in all, NSDS has been like a second home to me and always will be, and I love being a Nova!


Kitty N. Age 11

North Shore is definitely THE best dance studio ever! Not only do they offer great technique, the teachers are so supportive and push me and the other dancers beyond what we didn't think was possible. The beautiful new studio is like my second home. Whenever I walk in I feel welcomed by my second family, which I call my dance family :). Finally I just want to thank North Shore for everything they have helped me with such as confidence, technique, how to be a better person, and SO much more! NSDS pride forever!


Vickie Boorse (Mother of Anne, 13 years)

I must tell you that Anne of course loves coming to the studio to dance, but she can never wait to get there & by that I mean, the earlier the better. Just to be there. All the way there I hear. could have made that drive like a turtle. .we are never going to get there in time..& on & on. You have given these kids a wonderful role model in yourself & your staff to look up to & a beautiful studio/home, where they want to be. Again, thank you for all the extra things you do for our kids. It is greatly appreciated.
Finally, your studio is gorgeous!!! The blood, sweat & I'm sure tears was well worth it. Be very proud of yourself!!!


Linda Marcus (Mother of Sammy, 11 years)

I truly admire and support what you are doing for Sammy. Even beyond classes, but also through your actions teaching her respect and responsibility in many ways even through taking care of the studio. You are a wonderful role model for Sammy and all the girls. I am thankful she has that. As your daughter grows, you will see and greatly appreciate wonderful woman being around her. It all reinforces what you are teaching her, so I should be thanking you :)


Linda Cardinale (Mother of Brianna, 18 years)

I'm so grateful that my daughter has learned so much, had fun and grown up at the studio all these years.
Thanks for being such a great role model to the girls for so many years.


Meri Bobber - age 17

For 14 years, North Shore Dance Studio has been my home. Beyond pure dance education, this studio and the people here have inspired me to live with compassion, kindness, intelligence, and to always be able to laugh at myself. It has instilled within me a love for my teammates and my art and has given me a family I'll always remember. There's no place I'd rather dance!


Kimberly Monday

My daughter has truly blossomed in grace and confidence through her years at your studio! Maddy always looks forward to going to dance classes, and can't wait to show us her routines. Whenever my husband or I are in the studio, we always feel welcomed! Keep up the great work!!


Bethany Ford

I learned it's really nice to have people want to watch you learn and grow, which makes me want to be the best dancer I can be.  I love the support here.  I also learned that meeting new people is a great experience , and I have become great friends with everyone.  Thank you for a great year NSDS!


Brendan (father of Brynn, 8 years old)

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a wonderful place North Shore Dance Studio has been for my daughter and our family. Brynn (8-years old) has been dancing with the studio for four years and loves every minute. She wants to branch out beyond her tap and ballet to include jazz/hip hop as well. The updates you have made to the studio and office are very nice and I think it is those little touches that will keep families like ours coming back for years to come. We can't thank you enough for all you have done for our family.


Parent of Bethany N.-age 14

I wanted to thank you both for everything you do. Bethany loves dance and being around you both and the girls at the studio. I think you have created a great environment and should be commended for it. From a parent’s standpoint, when I am giving over my daughter for such a large chunk of time, it is so great to know she is happy and in a positive environment.


Linda Marcus

The shows were fantastic.
The choreography was innovative, the dancers were passionate and the tribute was heartfelt.
It is clear what a wonderful influence you are to these young men and women.
Not only do you encourage each and everyone of them to excel , but to do it with class and compassion.
I am proud to have my daughter involved. I cannot wait to see how she will grow.
Thank you.



We are so grateful for the experience Haley has had at NSDS over the past 13 years. When we look back at her early years to now, she has grown so much as a dancer and consider the studio her "second home". Katie has created not only an environment for her to do what she loves, DANCE, but also a place that she can be with friends she calls family.The NSDS teaching staff has not only given her the technique she will need to pursue dance beyond the studio doors, but the strength and confidence as a dancer and person to be the best she can be.



We are SO pleased that we switched to NSDS from "that other" studio.  Julia has loved every minute at NSDS.  She has made some good friends and has shown tremendous growth in her abilities and self-confidence.  She is challenged in ways that she was not challenged before and she pushes herself to new heights as well.  Thank you for welcoming her with open arms!


Michael & Lynn (parents of Rebecca)

Our daughter Rebecca has been taking dance lessons at NSDS since she was 2 years old. This October she will be 17 and has grown into a wonderful young lady. Rebecca is very articulate, confident, and intelligent... she is able to handle herself impressively in conversations with adults while at the same time relating comfortably with others her own age. She maintains great grades in school and enthusiastically participates in many school functions. She has several aspirations, but at this time, a career in dance is her primary focus.

There is no doubt in our mind that NSDS is one of the reasons Rebecca has turned out to be such a tremendous person. Katie, her family and her staff have always supported all the dancers at the studio. She has created a healthy and safe environment that all the dancers appreciate and are excited to be a part of.

To each dancer, Katie is much more than a studio owner or dance teacher, she is a mom, a big sister and a close friend, all rolled into one amazing person. All of the dancers think of each other and Katie as an extension of their family and to see the close relationships when they are together is heart warming. When it comes to dancing, Katie is tough and knows what she is doing. She demands 100% focus and 100% dedication from everyone when they are learning. She has a great staff with outstanding credentials. But in addition to her great staff, Katie doesn't hesitate to bring additional support from other professions with special expertise.

We are so grateful for Katie and what she has done for our daughter... North Shore Dance Studio has truly been a blessing and we recommend it for anyone interested in being a part of something very special.


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